Mechanical Musical

LOIS’ musical instrument is produced under the socio-political background of the past two decades in Eastern Europe. This is truly a body of multi-disciplinary work in which the composition of sound/music is embedded in the sculpture form, and vise versa, the form makes the sound/music tangible. The complex design often aims at given the musician an extra pair of hands and ability to create special effects.
A mechanical talent, LOIS is able to recycle heavy machinery, transform its character and function, and give it a sculptural musical life. By year 2000, LOIS has created more than 100 musical instruments.

“…grandeur feeling of Wagner’s opera Rheingold was heard through Viktor Lois’ music instrument…”(FRANKFURTER ALLGEMAINE ZEITUNG Frankfurt Daily 1989)

“…Viktor Lois … art work compares to Tinguely …”(DERNIERES NOUBELLES D’ALSACE French Daily in Strasbourg 1990)

“ Lois’ sculpture is a prototype to freedom which encourages viewer to think without prejudice and preconception. Moreover, with hand turning, touching, twisting, one can starts speaking with sound; from his instrument one opens colorful music from minimum repetitive sound to melody. These sculptures widen the way for the rigid European music making tradition… (UJ FORRAS Arts Magazine in Hungary1996)